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In Team you will be part of a group that will manage your company. Your company will compete with other companies in the same marketplace that will be managed by other groups in your class. In Team, the administrator processes the decisions that teams make regarding the operation of their company after collecting the decisions from all the competing teams. After processing, the teams will make a new set of decisions based on the results of those just processed. Each decision-round represents three months of operations (i.e., one quarter of a year).

Get Started Quickly. Assess at End

The Solo version of our simulations is identical to the Team version in the decisions players make and the reports showing the results of those decisions. The difference is that the Solo version allows students/participants to learn on their own. They play the simulation against five semi-intelligent, computer-managed companies operating in the marketplace. While these competitors will act rationally, they are not all-knowing perfect competitors. Because these competitors are computer-managed, they are always ready with their decisions. This allows the students to process a decision round whenever they are ready and they can restart the game as often as they like. There are no penalties for mistakes made -- just knowledge growth. Careful -- this can be addicting.