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Demo Mogul CEO In Action

The Mogul CEO business simulation is targeted for introductory management courses. Players act as general managers responsible for coordinating decisions in the functions of marketing, operations, and finance into a comprehensive strategy.

Mogul CEO simulates a small manufacturing company that produces two products where one has a high operating margin and the other has a low operating margin, making it marginally profitable BEFORE marketing costs are applied. The manufacturing process consists of forming plastic raw materials (sheets of plastic) into the finished consumer products. The products are sold through retail markets to the general public. The two products are not substitutes for one another, nor are they complementary, so sales of one product do not impact the sales of the other product. Players can decide whether to manufacture the products or to sub-contract their manufacture to another company.

Each decision round requires students to make approximately 40 decisions. Through the simulation exercise, students learn the basic interactions between the various functional areas of business without being overwhelmed by a mountain of detail. Mogul CEO helps students get a "hands on" experience managing their own simulated business in a safe environment.

Students can play in teams or play alone; competing against other players or against the computer. They also develop the team building and communication skills needed to successfully work in business organizations.

Courses particularly conducive to Mogul CEO include:

  • Fundamentals of Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Principles of Microeconomics

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An extensive, independent review of large number of education focused business simulations has been completed by Joe Wolf and has been presented for academic study.

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