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Maven is targeted at introductory and intermediate marketing courses. It simulates a small marketing company that sells up to two products in one, two, or three regions. The products are sold through retail markets to the general public. The manufacture of the products is sub-contracted to another company. The two products are not substitutes for one another, nor are they complementary, so the sales of one product do not impact the sales of the other product. Each decision round requires students to make approximately 65 decisions.

Players operate as managers applying the marketing concepts they are reading in their textbook as they manage their simulated company. Through the simulation exercise, students learn the challenges of applying the 4 Ps of marketing to a business enterprise. Maven gives the players the opportunity to test their comprehension of the intricacies of managing a marketing enterprise in a safe environment, make mistakes and learn from them.

Instructors have the flexibility to adjust game variables such as costs, industry demand, and the importance of marketing factors that impact market share. This allows instructors to create various challenging market environments to meet their desired course learning objectives.

Students can play in teams or play alone; competing against other players or against the computer. They also develop the team building and communication skills needed to successfully work in business organizations

Courses particularly conducive to Maven include:

  • Principles of Marketing
  • Business Principles/Overview

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Association For Business Simulation and Experimental Learning (ABSEL) Typology Project

An extensive, independent review of large number of education focused business simulations has been completed by Joe Wolf and has been presented for academic study.

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