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The CIB is part of the instructor's intranet and is available for each of our simulations. All of the materials included in the CIB have been class-tested and are known to work well! CIB contains proven tools that work! The goals of CIB are to:

  • Reduce preparation time for instructors.
  • Speed up a new instructor's learning curve for simulation.
  • Share innovative simulation techniques from our large user base.
  • Maximize richness of both the instructor's and the students' simulation experience.

A Sample of What the CIB contains:

  • Syllabus examples (Instructor)
  • Course set up link (Instructor)
  • Introduction, video online of objectives and how to use each of our simulations (Student)
  • Demonstration of the software and how decisions are made (Student). 30 minute online.
  • Introductory Assignment and Quiz (Student)
  • Extra Credit Assignment (Student). Uses the Solo game, when students make good decisions, they earn points.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Instructor
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Students
  • Final Exam on using Solo Exam
  • Instructor Manual
  • Student Manual
  • Test on Student Manual