Business Simulators for Corporate Education

Use Our Simulations to Train New Leaders

Oak Tree Simulations produces series of online business simulation games that are ideal for training your current management team, as well as employees viewed as candidates for promotion into managerial positions. Our simulations position your employees in the role of a general manager responsible confronting the challenges of balancing marketing, operations, and financial functions of a business.

This is of particular value for functional managers promoted up the ranks, who were not exposed to other areas of your business. Our simulations take employees out of their functional silo and provides them a safe environment to develop skills outside their area of expertise. This experiential approach has them make decisions, assess the results, and then make adjustments for the next round of decision making, with the goal of learning from past mistakes to achieve their planned objectives. As with flight simulators for pilots, we want your managers to be able to safely "crash" many times in our simulated business environment before taking over control of a live department.

Use Our Simulations for Team Building

Our simulations also provide the opportunity to have managers from different functional areas work together to manage a simulated business. This has proven to promote team building and increase empathy for the challenges faced by colleagues across their organization and improve interdepartmental communication.

We Can Provide Support for Your Training Programs

We can offer you guidance on developing simulation-based training and facilitate that experience, if you desire.

Our simulations have built-in online support that makes learning the mechanics of working with the game quick and easy, allowing the players to focus on the challenges of managing their business.

Choose the simulation That Best Fits Your Needs

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